My Ongoing Techno-Curse

My Love-Hate Relationship with Technology

While many compliment me regarding my ability to resurrect ancient hardware by installing and using Linux, I often refer to myself as one who is technologically cursed and impaired. Yes, I do have a Mac G5 running Debian, an old P4 running Ubuntu, an E1000 running Crunchbang, and a dual booting crunchbang/Ubuntu Studio Core2 Duo. However, the only way to actually do anything is to run all of them by linking them through Synergy and using one each for only one or two functions. Most of the time, it actually works pretty well, all be it slowly. Continue reading “My Ongoing Techno-Curse”


acorn photoYeah, that should have been acorns.  We all hear it, likely most of us do it ourselves as well.  And we all know at least one person who confuses such words often.  You know vivid or livid, etc.,

This post made me wonder what the best one I could recall was.

In a performance review, I once herd heard uttered,  “Now that you have gained some expedience, you should be contently improvising.”.  I continued to rapidly toss out comic remarks ever since… I didn’t last long in that particular position.

Seems there is a long list of these mistakes.  What is the best one you have ever heard?

A Kickstarter to Buy CNN?

Jon Stewart has a great idea.

Okay, it is a joke… or is it? Ted Nugent tried to buy Muzak.

Please Explain the Word Intellectual in Intellectual Property

Idiot’s Proprietary Might Make More Sense

I can’t help it, I got that One of These Things Doesn’t Belong song from Sesame Street stuck in my head.  Geez, I hope I don’t have to pay a royalty on the use of the title.  Sounds paranoid and ridiculous, or is it?

© is the copyright symbol in a copyright notice
© is the copyright symbol in a copyright notice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am digging through some old posts and came across one referencing an article about someone being sued for refilling an ink cartridge.  It seems that since the Lexmark cartridge was labeled “single use” the consumer is liable for not using it as agreed.  That story goes back to 2005.  Some folks back then were saying that the courts would not tolerate such for long and that things would change.  Have they?

We currently have DRM coffee machines! Also, while you still have the right to “jail break” your iPhone, it is illegal share the knowledge of how you do so.  Advice to the youngsters, don’t become and engineer and design a plane, instead become an attorney and protect a toy plane.  The toy plane has more copyright protection than the one that actually flies.  Better yet, rip off a mouse toy, change the name slightly and keep it protected forever.

I am no attorney but it seems that copyright and patent law is far removed from any intelligent approach to fostering new technology and innovation.  Historically speaking, such law is a rather new concept.  Perhaps it is just a bad idea and we should consider something more intelligent?

Wait, The RIAA Missed Killing CompuServe?

Aerosmith, The Goose and the Golden Egg, and The RIAA

Aerosmith Guitar Hero
Aerosmith Guitar Hero (Photo credit: ChrisGampat)

Personally, I am a pretty big fan of the band Aerosmith. Not only do I like their music but I love the way they pop back into popularity almost every decade.  I feel that the reason they have success at doing so is because they try new things.  Examples include:

  • Doing a music video with Run DMC
  • Guitar Hero which did so well there was an Aerosmith version

I recently happened on one I didn’t know about.  Did you know that they were the first band to be on CompuServe?  Like 20 years ago when we didn’t even really have an Internet as we know it today and it took like 60 to 90 minutes (not a typo, in those days downloads were measured in hours).  10,000 users downloaded it in the first 8 days. The most interesting thing I noticed about the article is that it seems that the RIAA didn’t actually go after CompuServe!

What I would like to see is the RIAA take a few tips from the legendary band but no, instead they killed MTV with license fees, did the same to Guitar Hero and now are doing the same thing with streaming music services.  Quoting the article first mentioned

Steven Tyler had the money quote in the press release: “If our fans are out there driving down that information superhighway,” he said, “then we want to be playing at the truck stop.”

I doubt it will happen though as the goons at the Racketeering Idiots Association of Absurdity will more likely want a toll booth at every intersection.

Here is the song that was all the download rage 20 years ago.

Another Light Bulb Joke

How a Manager Changes a Light Bulb

I originally posted this one here on 1 June, 2005.  I thought it worth a re-post.  It was inspired by the horribly detailed approach to creating policy at one of my former places of employment.  It was very popular with my co-workers, mainly because it was a very real portrayal.  Ironically, a few weeks after I posted this, they literally did create a light bulb disposal SOP. Continue reading “Another Light Bulb Joke”

No, It IS About Winning

Fuck Emphatically Correct – There ARE winners and Losers

Duh (Photo credit: John “Lumpy” Lemke)

I am reading an article at Kristen Lamb’s Blog, Something Wicked This Way Comes & Why Writers Could Be in Great Danger.  It is discussing the dangers of this “everyone is special and a winner” trend currently rampant in the US education system.  I guess it is called “emphatically correct”.  And you thought “PC” was bad? While her point is pretty specific to reading, it got me thinking about just how wrong this trend is in general. Continue reading “No, It IS About Winning”