Twenty-plus Hours of Darkness – The Midwestern Blackout

The Big Black

The 14th of August was going to become a day I will remember long and well. I was already busy enough but had to push myself to get some high priority stuff done. I had to prep for a meeting with my boss. We had to discuss the hiring of more safety escorts for the campus police department. Safety Escorts work for the police, they provide safety escorts, patrol the campus, staff sign in desks, help to lock and unlock the campus and are, basically, extra eyes and ears for the Police Department. Formally they are called Community Service Officers, we generally call ourselves CSOs. I am the student supervisor for the program. Fall semester would soon be upon us and we needed to rapidly fill our roster. Reviewing applications would be my life for the next few days or so I thought. Continue reading “Twenty-plus Hours of Darkness – The Midwestern Blackout”