A 3-D Printed Car

A New Speed Record, Sort of

Usually automobile speed records are measured in miles per hour, not days.  While I am sure automobile manufacturers measure productions time, this story is still slightly different. The record set was  printing time.  The 3-d printed “Strati” car was printed in just 6 days.  The previous 3-D printed car, the Urbee, took 2500 hours to print (, or about 104 days).  Check out the video below

Lich Lord Terminus

Cryx Warcaster – Lich Lord Terminus

He is one of the few large base (50 mm.) warcasters in the game.  He is big, bad, and he flies.  I am almost done completely with the model and can’t wait to try him in a game.

Lich Lord Terminus
Big and Mean – Lich Lord Terminus

So, as I said above, he is big, bad and met to kick ass.  How did I do with him?  Let me just say that this warcaster comes with a learning curve and I am on the bad side of the slope at the moment.