Propane Bubbles

Propane Bubbles – Passing the Flame Ball

More Stuff You Shouldn’t Try but Probably Shall

I shall not lie.  I have done this.  We did it in high school chemistry class and we were all carefully supervised.  While it is reasonably safe, you can still get hurt.  I do not endorse trying this without supervision.

Understanding Ice – Solid, Liquid, Hard or Soft?

If I recall correctly, when I studied physics I was taught that the reason we can ice skate and curl “the rock” on ice was due to friction and pressure. In short either pressure, friction or both, create a thin layer of water to glide on. While listening to a recent edition of Science Friday, I was intrigued. This is not actually the case.  While the podcast is always very informative, I seek a more detailed explanation.   Continue reading “Understanding Ice – Solid, Liquid, Hard or Soft?”