Things NOT to Re-Gift – Engagement Rings

Re-Gift Idea Fails – The Engagement Ring

To be filed under “Can’t make this stuff up”

There are two things about this story that hit me immediately. The first is obvious, “could he be that stupid?”. However, I did know an individual who actually did re-gift an engagement ring.  Seems this type of stupid runs more common than one would first think. I get the stupid part, there is just one detail I am curious about. Continue reading “Things NOT to Re-Gift – Engagement Rings”

Lumpy’s Links for 2016.01.17

Lumpy’s Links for 2016.01.17

Got em done and forgot to put them up… doh!

Here they are:

  • Ludicrous – A man fleeing authorities because of an active warrant, didn’t like his mug shot. So Donald A. “Chip” Pugh sent the police a selfie to use instead! … get this, the dude is not alone in selfie stupidity, Victor Almanza-Martinez, took a break from armed robbery to exchange SnapChat information and take a selfie (with one of the victims).
  • Useful – Once I had someone, trying to use impressive words, tell me “now that you have gained expedience, you should be constantly improvising at your job”. I bet that person would benefit from The Top Ten Confused Words. (Not that I would ever split hares over something like that.)
  • Music – I heard The Violent Femmes’ are releasing an album. I share an NPR sneak peek after the break.
  • Photo – This photo of the makes for an awesome desktop wallpaper.
  • Yours (Something from the web’s social networks) – Nothing this week
  • Science – In space this week, SpaceX got the satellite up but had a rough landing

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Meet The Real Robocop – The Knightscope K5

The Knightscope K5 – A Real World Robocop

Autonomous Data Machines – “Predict and Prevent Crime”

While Detroit may erect a statue of the Robocop from the movies, other locations are soon deploying Knightscope K5 robots. While the machine looks like a cross between R2D2 and a conehead, the 300-pound robot is designed to be a huge asset to law enforcement. In my opinion, it certainly looks large enough to be a deterrent. Just knowing that it is following and monitoring you would make one think twice.  It is intended to be a supplemental tool to law enforcement and not a replacement to human officers.

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Lumpy’s Links for 2015.12.20

Lumpy’s Links for 2015.12.20

Here they are:

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2015.11.30 – Lumpy’s Links

Lumpy’s Links for 2015.11.30

I know I am a day late …better late than never.

Here they are:

  • Ludicrous – There is no limit to what criminals do. Sometimes stupid, sometimes creative, always wrong, too often hurtful, and, in this case, simply strange. After realizing a child was in a car they stole, they dropped the kid off at school!
  • Useful – While you are going to have use Google translate, this is a list of the most returned items. In other words, stuff not to buy.
  • Music – While I grew up with MTv, the truth is most music videos are not that great. Here is a Red Lips cover that is just off the hook! GTA – Red Lips. Kudos to io9 for the find.
  • PPhoto – I totally agree with io9, the US Navy nailed The Force Awakens with the best spoof to date
  • Yours – Nothing this week
  • Science – The article refers to it as Flower Power, a circuit inside a rose!