Artificial Leaves as Mini-Factory for Drugs

Artificial Leaves as Mini-Factory for Drugs

One of the challenges to long distance space travel is being able to manufacture things along the way. Having to escape the Earth’s gravity is a challenge. Granted, it is improving with a competitive new space race but it still costs anywhere from 11.2 to 34.5 dollars per ton to launch a rocket.

While there is an abundance of solar energy available in space, plants are the most efficient harvesters of sunlight. It makes sense to mimic them for both energy and manufacturing. While the journal article is paywalled, Science Daily reports that this new process uses new materials called luminescent solar concentrators. These LSCs mimic what a leaf already does. It is reported that, even on a cloudy day, the process is 40% more productive than processes without using LSC.


Old News But is it Fading News

I originally posted this here on 28 February, 2006.

High Tech Hydroponics

English: weed
English: weed (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While it is still interesting I wonder if busts like these are going to soon be history.  Colorado reportedly earned over 2 million dollars from recreational marijuana sales in the first month it was legal alone. Furthermore, although some sources disagree, it seems that the legalization has actually lowered the crime rate.

I have also wondered why the government seems to have completely forgotten about why The Prohibition was lifted.  The reality is that if people want to smoke pot, they are going to do so whether it is legal or not.  The same would be true if they made tobacco illegal.

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15 Things About Pot – An Article at The Weather Channel

15 Things About Pot

Marijuana (Photo credit: warrantedarrest)

While checking the hourly weather this morning, I noticed an article at The Weather Channel.  It was about weed and 16 pages long.  I thought I might post a summary to encourage others to read it.  To be honest, most of the pages are more image than text and only a few paragraphs long.  I am not going to cover all 15 items here but just a few.

I am not entirely in favor of legalization of mood altering substances in general.  However, the reason there is so much debate regarding a weed that used to grow wild and keep ditches from washing out is because there are some good reasons for such.  Compared to the “drugs” that are legal, it is not too harmful.  Furthermore, cigarettes are the leading cause of preventable death and anyone of legal age can use them exactly as intended and kill themselves.

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