Lightspeed Finance 101

Time is Money, Perhaps Big Money

English: Science and Research Center, Clevelan...
English: Science and Research Center, Cleveland State University (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a post that was originally published at Lumpy’s Corner on 18 December 2003.  Short of one typo that nobody noticed for 11 years, the article is as it was written originally. (Additionally, Cleveland State University and many other universities love to completely rework their web site as often as we change our socks, thereby breaking any university based links.  To be honest, I removed as many of them as possible to avoid the same issue again in the future..)

Once again, I am having strange thoughts. Actually… That is a misnomer, one would better say “still”. We have all heard the expression that time is money. I wonder how old that phrase is? I wonder if it was around before a certain Albert changed time in 1905? Does the expression have a new meaning with the new definition of relative time?

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