A Penny Auctions for 70 K

A Glass Penny Auctions for 70 K

During World War II, the U.S. Minte experimented with a number of alternate materials to make pennies out of. We needed copper for ammunition.

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The Tricks Our Eyes Play – Another Kewl Optical Illusion

The Tricks Our Eyes Play – Another Kewl Optical Illusion

One of the sites I love is Boing! Boing!. You never know what you will see there but it is always interesting.

This time it was a rather kewl optical illusion. Check it out.

The tweet was sent by Cliff Pickover, well worth following on Twitter. You can find out more about this amazing individual at pickover.com. If you like science and math, odds are you will enjoy his books. He tweets much more than just illusions, check out the Faraday Train below

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Amazing Mail Deliveries

Amazing Deliveries

Putting Special Emphasis on the Word “Service” for Postal Service

While listening to an episode of  WaitWait… Don’t Tell Me!, I heard an interesting story about a letter delivery. When dug deeper on the web, I found several similar occurrences. Read on for three amazing deliveries.  I wish the USPS were as dedicated as some the postmasters mentioned below.

Scott, from Scotland

Kudos to the NZ Post for successfully delivering a letter addressed as follows:

Scott, from Scotland … aged about 60/70?? … corner of Tiniroto Road (almost). By a bridge. Has a Japanese wife — who may be older but looks about 20 … also has a daughter, about 3. Loves history … Good sense of humour … tells a good tale … Rural delivery area, sort of south east of Gisborne.

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