Amazing Biking

Wonder Biker

I am not even sure exactly how to describe this… either a mix of figure skating and bicyling or a mix of gymnastics and bicyling. Regardless of how one describes it, it is nothing short of amazing. Additionally, this young woman performs for almost six minutes. If it tried such a stunt, it would be only that many seconds before an ambulance would be called.

Bicycle Gymnastics

The Tricks Our Eyes Play – Another Kewl Optical Illusion

The Tricks Our Eyes Play – Another Kewl Optical Illusion

One of the sites I love is Boing! Boing!. You never know what you will see there but it is always interesting.

This time it was a rather kewl optical illusion. Check it out.

The tweet was sent by Cliff Pickover, well worth following on Twitter. You can find out more about this amazing individual at If you like science and math, odds are you will enjoy his books. He tweets much more than just illusions, check out the Faraday Train below

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Ziggy the Traveling Piggy

Ziggy the Traveling Piggy

This story starts out with someone buying a pet pig that was not gonig to grow past 20 pounds. Now, about 230 pounds past that mark, Ziggy is known for something else. Ziggy is a traveling pig.

The article at urban farm states that the large house pet made it difficult to find a place to rent… and I thought having a 60 pound pit-lab mix was a challenge!

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10,000 Sparklers Lit at Once

10,000 Sparklers Lit at Once

English: Sparklers with a slow shutter speed o...
English: Sparklers with a slow shutter speed of 4 seconds. Taken new years eve 2008 in a public park in Dover Heights, New South Wales. I got my young cousin to stand as still as possible whilst rotating both sparklers in a circular motion (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is one of those “don’t try at home” items. What happens when you cram 10,000 sparklers into a bucket and then light them?

Honestly, I love fireworks of all types.  As long as I know they are going to go “bang”, they don’t trip off my PTSD.  One could debate whether one would need to be a pyro to attempt such a stunt.  However, I think most of us would want to, at a safe distance, witness 10,000 Sparklers all burning at once.  I confess that I sure want to see it. However, being aware of the fire risk, I doubt I would foster the courage to actually attempt the stunt on my own.  Lest not forget the fact that a huge plume of sparks and fire would certainly lead to fire, police and arrest in my urban neighborhood.

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Awesome Working Model Engines

One of the reasons i like Boing! Boing! is because their posts are rather like a kaleidoscope; always fascinating, unique and kewl.  The subtitled video below is a look at the man who has made the world’s smallest V12 engine.  Simply and amazing craftsman.