Curiosity and Mars – The Stuff That Rover Finds

Some Mars Rover Things

For those of you who know and/or follow me, you know I am often off in space.  I love to read about space both in fiction and non-fiction.  I subscribe to a good number of space related feeds and often hear things that others miss.  I thought I might take a few minutes to post some Curiosity news and trivia. Continue reading “Curiosity and Mars – The Stuff That Rover Finds”

When is the Last Time You Went to Mars?

Lately I Have Spent Much Time on Mars

No, I have not lost my mind.   If you believe what Stephen King says about writing:

“What is writing? Writing is telepathy.”

Stephen King, On Writing, Memoirs of the Craft

In that sense, I have been on Mars quite a bit of the late.  While I have been cheating, listening to audio books rather than reading,  I must still give both of the audio books below two thumbs up.  They are great stories and well read by the respective narrators.  I have been leaping from my great room in my loft every time I do dishes, cook or deal with laundry and cleaning. Continue reading “When is the Last Time You Went to Mars?”

Google Maps for Mars and the Moon

The waxing gibbous Moon as observed from Earth
The waxing gibbous Moon as observed from Earth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just In Case You Can’t Afford a Spaceship

I was digging through old posts and came across Google Mars which was new in 2006.  Bieng both a NASA and Google junkie, I think these two sites totally rawk. Nonetheless, both Mars and the Moon are still kewl and worth sharing. The Moon site even allows you to explore all the lunar landing sites in 3D.