Lumpy’s Links for 2015.12.20

Lumpy’s Links for 2015.12.20

Here they are:

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The Dancing Baby Wins!

Let’s Go Crazy for the Dancing Baby!

scales of justice photo
Photo by RaeAllen

While the Internet is about many things, cute kittie photos, viral videos and, unfortunately, Rule 34.  It also a great tool for freedom of expression, fair use and sharing information.  True, it can harbor pirates, those who break copyright laws, but freedom of expression is a double-edged sword.   I can’t ban the Koran and still, justly and fairly, have my Bible.  In order to function, it must be completely open and accessible to all, equally and fairly.

Unfortunately, not everyone feels that way.  There are some who believe in suppression of ideas, filtering and censorship.  I call bullshit.  Let me take my chances with that sword. Continue reading “The Dancing Baby Wins!”

Conan O’Brien Does Song from Marge vs. Monorail

25 Years and Strong, The Simpsons

I remember when Bart, Homer and the rest of the gang were just a short on The Tracy Ullman Show.  Would you believe that the spikey haired teen, his family and citizens of Springfield have survived 25 years on TV? Continue reading “Conan O’Brien Does Song from Marge vs. Monorail”

Wait, The RIAA Missed Killing CompuServe?

Aerosmith, The Goose and the Golden Egg, and The RIAA

Aerosmith Guitar Hero
Aerosmith Guitar Hero (Photo credit: ChrisGampat)

Personally, I am a pretty big fan of the band Aerosmith. Not only do I like their music but I love the way they pop back into popularity almost every decade.  I feel that the reason they have success at doing so is because they try new things.  Examples include:

  • Doing a music video with Run DMC
  • Guitar Hero which did so well there was an Aerosmith version

I recently happened on one I didn’t know about.  Did you know that they were the first band to be on CompuServe?  Like 20 years ago when we didn’t even really have an Internet as we know it today and it took like 60 to 90 minutes (not a typo, in those days downloads were measured in hours).  10,000 users downloaded it in the first 8 days. The most interesting thing I noticed about the article is that it seems that the RIAA didn’t actually go after CompuServe!

What I would like to see is the RIAA take a few tips from the legendary band but no, instead they killed MTV with license fees, did the same to Guitar Hero and now are doing the same thing with streaming music services.  Quoting the article first mentioned

Steven Tyler had the money quote in the press release: “If our fans are out there driving down that information superhighway,” he said, “then we want to be playing at the truck stop.”

I doubt it will happen though as the goons at the Racketeering Idiots Association of Absurdity will more likely want a toll booth at every intersection.

Here is the song that was all the download rage 20 years ago.

Les Paul and Mary Ford

Mary Ford and Les Paul at work recording during the late 1940s. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just as Much a Tech Guru as Guitar Wizard

I often have conversations with people who seem rather skeptical as to the accuracy of my statement.  Sorry, Les Paul was just as much an inventor and innovator as he was a musician. He invented a form of live looping by modifying a reel to reel, he had his own home studio, and, to him and Mary Ford, multi-tracking was just another day at the job. Check out this video for a taste of just how much so. Continue reading “Les Paul and Mary Ford”