Google Maps for Mars and the Moon

The waxing gibbous Moon as observed from Earth
The waxing gibbous Moon as observed from Earth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just In Case You Can’t Afford a Spaceship

I was digging through old posts and came across Google Mars which was new in 2006.  Bieng both a NASA and Google junkie, I think these two sites totally rawk. Nonetheless, both Mars and the Moon are still kewl and worth sharing. The Moon site even allows you to explore all the lunar landing sites in 3D.

Lunar Lion Update

Lunar Lion Project Still Has 90 Days and Could Use Your Help

This artist's rendering represents a concept o...
This artist’s rendering represents a concept of possible activities during future space exploration missions. It depicts a human tended lunar base. JSC2004-E-18833 (April 2004) (NASA) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Back in May I came across the Lunar Lion Project.  It is a crowd-funded project to have some college students put something on the Moon.  All in all, in my opinion, a very kewl project.

I think the goal of these student’s is not only ambitious but can serve as an inspiration for even younger students to attempt to do even greater things.  I am of the opinion that the various NASA projects not only gifted mankind with technological innovation but also filled universities with physics, engineering and other hard disciplined students. If America is going to continue to be a competitive nation, we need such students for it is obvious the future is in cutting edge technologies.

I checked in on the project yesterday and it seems they still have a long way to go.  So, please, if you can donate, do so.  If not, at least spread the word by posting and tweeting about the project.

Hubble Catches Star Explosion

I have always wondered what an exploding star would look like

I don’t have much to say on this one, the stop motion is worth way more than 1000 words.

What we are actually seeing is the “light echo” of it lighting up the interstellar gas all around the exploding star.