That Old Bag

It might just be me, but I doubt it.  We all develop attachments to some type of seemingly useless object, Linus and his old blanket for example.  Certainly he had an attachment. To the outsider, seemingly useless but just ask Linus and he could give you a list of why it is a worthy accessory, if not a necessity, to his daily life.  I have a similar attachment, beat up old reusable bags.

grocery bag photo
Photo by Wicker Paradise

My childish attachment has always been to an old bag of some type.  Back in my middle school days I always had at least one old bag that I favored.  When the one from my middle school days, an old canvas sack with a flap cover, finally fell apart I nearly cried.  Just like Linus, I had many reasons.  It was big, it carried much weight and, most importantly, it fit comfortably on my shoulder with a wide strap which did not cut off the circulation to my arm. Continue reading “That Old Bag”