Disney’s Wall Climbing Robot

Disney Hits Us with More Magic – A Wall Climbing Robot

A wall climbing robot?  I am one of the people who is looking forward to more robots in our society. Disney has created something really awesome! Check out Disney’s wall climbing robot, dubbed VertiGo,  in the video after the break. Not only does this robot climb walls but it gets on the wall by itself!

As the Paul Beardsley, Disney research scientist, states in the article at Boing! Boing! he is not at liberty to go into all the details about Disney’s plans for the bot, but it takes little imagination to imagine how it could be used with lights and/or cameras on it.

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Should This Be My First DIY Robot Project?

A Drink Mixing Robot

Kudos to Make for catching this one.  Even kewler is that all the parts are 3-D printed.

You can find more info at the maker’s website.