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While I admit I am not much of a horror genre reader, I love Stephen King as a writter. I feel next to The Elements of Style, Fourth Edition by Strunk and White, I feel his two books no writing are necessities to any aspiring writer.

I also like the blog Open Culture. I thought I would share a video in which Stephen King discusses creativity.

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Another Reason to Like Stephen King

Stephen King Dollar Babies

Stephen King, American author best known for h...
Stephen King, American author best known for his enormously popular horror novels. King was the 2003 recipient of The National Book Foundation’s Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters. Taken at the 2007 New York Comicon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While I am not the biggest fan of his horror fiction, I love what happens when someone does a movie based on one of his books.  Furthermore, I think that his book, On Writing, A Memoir of the Craft, rivals even The Elements of Style for being a necessity to every writer.  If you desire to write, you need to read and re-read both of these books. You should also look over his FAQs, specifically the section on writing.

Recently, I discovered another reason to like and respect the horror writer.  He has this page at his website titled Stephen King Dollar Babies.  It is a place where a film student can buy rights to one of King’s works to do a film project.   Honestly, what film student wouldn’t want to do a King story?


Why I Say “I am a Writer”

I Am a Writer, Are You?


Quill Pen
Quill Pen (Photo credit: ROSS HONG KONG)

I have reached the point where I tell other people “I am a writer”. I have not always said that. In the past, I would say “I like to write” or “I would like to write”, both of which lack assertiveness. Some have asked when I made this switch in identity. I didn’t write down the date. The matter of when is not as important as the matters of why and what. While timing and deadlines are important, they are secondary to mindset. Continue reading “Why I Say “I am a Writer””