It’s Big and It Could Hold a Whole Lotta’ Weed

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Greetings Readers,

It’s that time of year again.  You know, time for that really big game with the name you can’t mention for fear you will be sued.  I’ll just say it’s a bowl and, while one team may get smoked, you don’t actually smoke what is in it. Also, it is also not the type you squat on for number two. Finally, the teams playing this year are both from states where plumes of blue-grey smoke are legal for recreation so it has earned a new nick name this year.  Now that you all know what I am talking about… Continue reading “It’s Big and It Could Hold a Whole Lotta’ Weed”

Why I have a problem with the RIAA

The following is a rant I went on about the RIAA on 24 August, 2003.  While many of the specifics have changed, the philosophy of this once “sue-em’-all” organization has only shifted to “take-em’-all-down”… semantics in my opinion.  Granted other things have changed as well but, by far and large, the RIAA is still more concerned with maintianing a stranglehold on the market than having any concern for the consumer or the artist.  For the record, I still despise the organization.  I often refer to them as the Racketeering Idiots Association of Absurdity. Continue reading “Why I have a problem with the RIAA”

Hanks and Wilson

Cast Away
Cast Away (Photo credit: .noir photographer)

Lately I have had a good number of people trying to apologize to me. Now I could go into a big long blog about for what and why but I thought I might, instead, rant about what is sorry?

Now bear in mind that this is merely my opinion and, after all, I am but a raving mad lunatic who resembles Tom Hanks caring on a conversation with Wilson. Nonetheless, there is a certain amendment to my Country’s Constitution, which allows even Howard Stern to speak freely. Beside, Wilson has never owed me an apology. With that in mind, I shall continue. Continue reading “Hanks and Wilson”