The Dancing Baby Wins!

Let’s Go Crazy for the Dancing Baby!

scales of justice photo
Photo by RaeAllen

While the Internet is about many things, cute kittie photos, viral videos and, unfortunately, Rule 34.  It also a great tool for freedom of expression, fair use and sharing information.  True, it can harbor pirates, those who break copyright laws, but freedom of expression is a double-edged sword.   I can’t ban the Koran and still, justly and fairly, have my Bible.  In order to function, it must be completely open and accessible to all, equally and fairly.

Unfortunately, not everyone feels that way.  There are some who believe in suppression of ideas, filtering and censorship.  I call bullshit.  Let me take my chances with that sword. Continue reading “The Dancing Baby Wins!”

The 2016 World Yo-Yo Contest

Modern yo-yos.
Modern yo-yos. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While most of my fellow Clevelanders are fixated on Cleveland Hosting 2016 Republican National Convention, I happened on news of another huge event to be hosted here as well.  A worldwide competition last year hosted in Japan,  The International Yo-Yo Foundation has decided that Cleveland is to host the 2016 World Yo-Yo Contest.

Personally, I think that this better than the RNC… after all it is pretty hard not to have good memories of yo-yos.  Not the same can be said for many a politician.

Almost all of us have played with a yo-yo. They are nearly a universal toy, at least as common as the top.  Almost every culture has yo-yos.  They were a bit of an explosive fad in the 70s with the, now famous, Ducan Butterfly… every kid wanted one.  I was among those kids.  I still have two Duncan light up yo-yos in my dresser drawer.

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The Sierra Nevada on the Move

Amazing Video of Rapid Exfoliation

Normally this is a slow non-noticeable process.  Frankly, if I saw it happening at this rate, I think I would flee the area.

You can find more information on this amazing geological occurrence at ArsTechnica.

One Heck of a Teacher and One Touching Story

I Almost Never Give a 12 Minute Video a Chance, I am Glad I Made an Exception for This One

I made an exception for this one.  I had far more kewl and awesome teachers than I deserved.  In hindsight, it is amazing the difference they can make in a student’s life.

Take a twelve minute break from your day and check this video out.   Do yourself a favor and don’t stop when you see him have cinder blocks smashed on his chest because that is before he gets to the real message.

Should This Be My First DIY Robot Project?

A Drink Mixing Robot

Kudos to Make for catching this one.  Even kewler is that all the parts are 3-D printed.

You can find more info at the maker’s website.

A Drone Flying Through Fireworks


On some previous Fourth of July, I was on a flight going from one military post to another. I really enjoyed many a fireworks display from above the clouds that year. This video may actually be kewler.


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Awesome Transformer Stop Motion Video

Now this is kewl