2020 The Year of the Conspiracy?

You really can’t be too careful these days.  Everyone is out to get ya’ ya’ know. I mean you even gotta dress the part these days.  My new outdoor look is like:

Outdoor Look
Stylin’ 2020

Enough on that though.  I have been wondering exactly how many wack-o-doodle conspiracy theories will erupt as the cause of this pandemic.  I shall debunk the “it was a biological weapon that got loose”. Uh, if it is, it is a pretty piss poor one. Italy, the worse hit, suffered about a 15% mortality rate. Now anthrax, that is a biological weapon, killing about 80% of those contacted by it. I am totally confident that China could do much better with creating a biological weapon than our ever-present COVID-19.  So one paragraph and one conspiracy down.  Put the popcorn on we are going to look at a few more.

Could 2020 go down as the year of the conspiracies? Could some evil dude petting a cat have launched COVID on us? It seems that about 1 in 4 Americans think it may be true. Pew Research reports that 20% believe that it is “probably true” and 5% believe that it is “definitely true”. It also notes that the less educated are more likely to buy the conspiracy. Also, a slight tendency for the younger folk to buy it more than us older folks.

But what exactly is the conspiracy? NPR has a good read on it so I shall quote:

One version of this theory goes something like this: The COVID-19 pandemic is part of a strategy conceived by global elites — such as Bill Gates — to roll out vaccinations with tracking chips that would later be activated by 5G, the technology used by cellular networks.

The article at NPR explains how some funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was just believable enough to get the whole thing started. All the spark needed was some good tinder; social media as a news source, tweets tagging Trump, and we start burning cell towers, over 70 of them. Wait till they hear that the foundation supports NPR.

Ah, like an infomercial though “But wait! there’s more!” America’s favorite news source, FaceBook, reported that the patent ran out on the vaccine which already existed. So the patent expired and that means we can’t use it? If the patent expired, that would mean any pharmaceutical company could sell it… Guess that industry is not as profit-oriented as we all thought. Turns out the patent was for the coronavirus that causes SARS. How’s the popcorn?

One thing for sure, there is going to be even more to come. Why? I believe it is the same reason we like horror films. we eat this shit up people. And now we got FaceBook. Plandemic beat the Hades out of everything else on social media. It has a Wikipedia and an IMDb page already!  If you really want to look at even more of these check out this article at Politifact.

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