Only in America – Viral Gorilla Glue Girl Start Hair Care Line

Just a quickie. Looking back at 2021 and just had to post this one, likely one of the years stranges news with an after report.

I did believe it at first either, but it looks like this is gonna stick. That girl that used Gorilla Glue spray adhesive as a substitute for hair spray is starting her own hair product line. Apparently, she used it by mistake, not knowing it was waterproof and met to be permanent. A few months after her surgery to repair her stying attempt she announced Forever Hair. Tessica Brown, aka. Gorilla Glue Girl announced:

“I launched these products to help not only myself but other people like me that need help growing their hair,” Brown told CNN. “I am so excited about this launch because these products were doing so well for me, I couldn’t wait for them to help other people.”

The CNN article also states that she worked with industry leaders to develop this new product but “Her management team declined to name their business partners.”

Hopefully, she looked into it in more detail than the instructions on that Gorilla Glue can.

You can get her products at the Forever Hair website, btw all the clothing about her gluing everything down forever is sold out.

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