About Those COVID Pills

These new viral pills are all over the news and maybe a great asset against the pandemic but… Not all studies show it is effective as that 85% number we keep hearing.

This video by NOVA is worth watching and brings up both the pros and cons.

One important point.

“If you’re not able to get tested, to get that prescription, to get your hands on that pill, really within a day or two,” Infectious Disease Specialist Celine Gounder told NOVA, “the impact of these medications is going to be much less than we would have hoped.”

Given the availability of test kits and/or getting into a doctor is likely going to put more beyond that window than not. Once you get one, how accurate is it?

The reality is, while is seems like forever living it, the past few years are a very short time for a pandemic and medicine to deal with it. Obviously, we have much to learn about treating this virus.

I hope I don’t come off as a pessimist but we really are still fumbling along, booster/no-booster, mandate/no-mandate, mask/no-mask, two masks/N95… All we can do is stay vigilant and apply what we have learned.

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