Re-post – The New Year Week One and Two 2005

This is a repost from before I switched over to WordPress. Interesting to see how things have changed since then. Originally published 14 JAN 2005.

New Year’s Day

Well it is the first day of the New Year and according to my PC clock, it is just shy of ending in 13 minutes… How appropriate. I am tired but living up to my resolution to write, at least, daily.

I hate moving. Even when “I” am not moving… kinda… It is a long story I will talk about it more tomorrow. For now, I must sleep. I promise you I shall keep my resolution and write daily. Keep in mind though, I never promised to blog daily but just to write daily. My life is changing a bit at present and I will not be able to log on each day therefore no daily blogs.

The New Year, Day Two

Today is the day I promised to say more about the long story first mentioned on New Year’s Day. Prepare for me to bore your ears.

Let me start with the moving/not moving comment. I am moving a lot of my property but I am not changing residence. My girlfriend, let’s just call her Grinny, is getting ready to relocate. Grinny and I are both Christians. Grinny and I love each other a lot and honestly wish to truly explore the possibility of marriage. Grinny and I have only known each other for 4 months. Nami and I are both realistic.

Just wait; true to Lump’s form, it gets better. Grinny is also from Japan and here on a Student Visa, which expires in eight months. Tough bridges to teeter on eh? Grinny and I are just not sure what the future holds for us right now. We both know what we want it to hold but cannot guarantee it. Ideally, Grinny will find work here and remain in the USA. I will continue on with school and, like the Beatle’s “Ob La Di”, life will go on.

Of course, the other option is that I learn Japanese, follow her home, adapt to a culture totally alien to me, and attempt to survive… in other words, fat chance on option two…

Now that I have totally strayed from the original context of this blog allow me, in true Lumpy style, to perform a quantum leap backward (which I shall do as soon as I recall what it was).

Moving but not moving… Grinny and I decided to “kinda” share a place together. I have basically only one problem with my room at my Fraternity house. I lack the space to set up my recording studio and practice room. As a result, I do not play, compose or record often and, when I do, it feels like (and sounds like) I have boxing gloves on my hands (which is not a good thing for a guitarist).

So guess what I am doing? Moving my studio equipment, some of the extra junk that clutters a dorm-style room, and helping her pay the rent.

So now you know why I am tired. Tomorrow I will tell you about why the New Year started out so rough.

The New Year, Day Three – Lumpy’s Technological Touch of Death

Well I promised to enlighten you all with my stories of just how the New Year is going. In my personal life, all is pretty good. I am finally getting to set up my studio again. I have steady work and the ballad of John and Grinny continues.

I have, however, acquired the technological touch of death. It seems that whatever silicon-based technology I touch instantly malfunctions. It is so bad that Grinny has even forbid me to use the garage door opener.

It started simple enough. I had to dismantle my PC, synthesizers, drum machine, four-track, and PC desk. Sounds simple enough right?

Of course, one should keep in mind that my “PC desk” consists of an old six-foot-tall 40-inch wide door straddling two file cabinets. On top of this precipice sit four towers, a musical keyboard, a Tascam 464 4-track, and, of course my PC.

Well, it took four and a half hours, three large file boxes, two even larger boxes, and countless bumps on my head, which now more resembles a sack of potatoes than a skull. This was a necessary process though for I needed the computer to be moved to Grinny’s place for use as a MIDI recorder.

Of course, this now meant that I needed to set up another computer for use in my room at the Fraternity house. Any attempts to do so seemed also cursed. I could get the network but not the Internet. This really frustrated me for all I wanted the freaking PC for was the Internet. After 4 attempts to get the Internet, I went to one of my brothers’ rooms and obtained a network floppy. Guess what? Now his computer has the same problem. No Internet.

The real ulcer is that all of the settings are identical to any other PC in the house which all work fine. I resorted to hooking up another PC and I have absolutely no problem. I even made a network disk off my working PC and still could not get the internet on either. The only difference between the working PC and the non-working PCs is the fact that I touched them.

Being frustrated enough by the day’s event I decided to simply hop on my functioning laptop and work on my blogs. Upon boot up, the laptop beeped away like some type of Armageddon alarm and promptly gave me the death screen indicating I had a registry error and needed to run regscan. I ran regscan and guess what… it found no errors.

So much for a night of blogging, I ended up attempting to reinstall windows to no avail. In the end, I needed an FDISK and a full reinstall. The way my luck had been going I should have not even attempted the reinstall and just saved the 48 minutes I wasted.

Of course, it could not just quit at that… I am currently on campus trying to get the laptop’s freaking wireless card to work again. I am doing exactly what I did last time and two hours later I still have no LEAP authentication. Oh yeah, and the freaking mouse has decided to go south on me as well. I no longer seem to have a left mouse button. This makes clicking on things a real joy.

So, there you have it, folks. I am three days into the New Year. I have touched four computers and three of them are not working. I am glad that none of my resolutions are to open a PC repair shop. I hope your new year is going better.


Well, I was up until 3 AM trying to remedy PC problems, beat some of my brothers at foosball, catch up with some of my IRC friends, touch up a blog and drink a beer.

It is now lunch. I am dying here. I am exhausted and can’t wait for the day to end.

I finally got two of the cursed computers to function. My Fraternity brother’s PC was my unfamiliarity with Windows XP. I did not configure the DNS settings right.

As far as my laptop goes, it turns out the issue was the software that the university provided. I seems that the “upgraded” CD that the uni’s IST department insists you use will not install properly. The “obsolete” CD came with the Cisco wireless card installed the first time.


Don’t think I am not writing today. I am. I am busy revising this blog and the resolution blog. They will be posted tomorrow.


Today seems just like any other day except work sucks. Not for me, however, with every wash machine broke it leaves me with a light work load… 🙂

The same day four hours later

I must take what I said earlier back. The machines being broken now sucks for me. I am out of room to put more cages and people keep coming in with more racks of cages and saying “where do you want me to stick these cages?”. I keep thinking Lord help me to resist temptation.

I am not in the mood to write much today for I do wish to deal with some correspondence related to work.


Both cage washing machines are now broken. Enough said?

8-10 JAN

No, I did not fail on my resolution. I have been busy revising what was written above and my resolutions. I have also been busy getting ready for the new experiments starting up tonight.

11 JAN

Well this day is certainly different but welcome. I am back on third shifts again so my day starts at 1 AM. I spent what little free time I had on a very busy shift revising the blog I posted early in the AM.

My shift at the clinic was a busy one. Two animals on postoperative day 0, three calls to the vet on duty, numerous unscheduled medicating, and, pretty much, a night constantly on my feet. The seven-hour shift felt like it lasted only 5 hectic minutes.

The good news is that the shift seemed short and both patients did very well. The downside is I was exhausted by the end of the shift. Grinny and I had to stop by my bank and deal with a few administrative things.

On the way to the bank, I dozed while Grinny chauffeured. We dealt with things and I was ready for bed. She drove me home, parked the car, and I stepped out of the car into the freezing drizzle right into a puddle of slush just deep enough to pour into my shoe… so much for being sleepy…

I did manage to get four hours of sleep before I had to head to gig number two. This is where I am at as I pen this blog. At present, I am thankful for two things; the fact that it is my last week on this job and coffee.

I have worked for three years as a community service officer. I like this job. It has served me well. I am not sick of it. I will miss it but, alas, it is time to move on. Starting next week, I will only be working at the Cleveland Clinic.

This will be a welcome change of pace. It will not mean working any fewer hours per week but it will mean all the hours will be at one place.

12 JAN

The day goes something like this. 1AM to 8AM I work at the clinic. I have a surgery to prepare for and the calf I am tending to seems to have an uncanny ability to act up exactly when I have the least amount of time to deal with it. In short, I do not even have time to change my mind.

At 8:30 AM, I am finally off the clock. I wait in the cold rainy weather Grinny who is late. I am not griping, she is not feeling well and she is doing me a favor.

I am exhausted. My friend Gary is supposed to come over and drop off some stuff and pick up a few pairs of glasses I have that need mending. (Gary is an excellent optician.) Grinny drives to my place, we have a lover’s quarrel. Grinny leaves. I feel like shit. I didn’t mean to upset her. I hate it when we miscommunicate.

I call Gary and cancel, drink two beers, check e-mail and hope that some sleep will allow me to start thing over when I awake.

I wake to 50-degree weather and sinuses that say “our only purpose in life is to assure that you are miserable”. I drive on brew some coffee, shower, shave and get ready for job number two. I get soap in my eyes when I shower, cut myself shaving and drop my coffee cup, full of course, all over my nice oriental style rug. So much for getting better after some sleep…

Of course, the night only got better. When I went to lock the campus my keys got stuck in a lock. I got to sit and wait for an engineer to show up with a screwdriver. Then I got to show him how to dismantle the lock. Stay tuned blog readers, there are still three hours left in the day… I am sure there will be more to write about.

13 JAN

Tonight was just freaking hectic. I did not sit down the whole shift and I had to work and hour past quitting time. I barely have the time to write or think yet alone anything else.

When I finally got off work it was in the high fifties and windy, I laid down for not enough sleep only to awake to the thirties and windier. My sinuses are in worse shape than Beirut.

Today can be summarized as follows;

Stuff I didn’t get to do;

  • Check my e-mail.
  • Eat lunch
  • Work on one of the three websites I am supposed to be working on.
  • Anything other than work.

14 JAN

The weather still sucks but work has fallen to a dull roar. I might even get this blog posted tonight. Sucess… Blog is posted… Are you happy Gahndi?


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