Tag: 2022

  • SGT Henry Johnson

    While Audie Murphy almost immediately comes to mind when we think of a hero soldier and, yes, he lies at Arlington. I don’t believe many are aware of Robert Howard, many say he is actually the most decorated soldier in American history. However, if you dig into it and just give it a little thought, […]

  • About Those COVID Pills

    These new viral pills are all over the news and maybe a great asset against the pandemic but… Not all studies show it is effective as that 85% number we keep hearing. This video by NOVA is worth watching and brings up both the pros and cons. One important point. “If you’re not able to […]

  • NASA and It’s Plans to Explore 16 Psyche, a Mostly Metal Asteroid

    Once you read on, it will be no big surprise that I happened on this via one of my feeds at mining.com. This large chunk of metal is worth a fortune. The asteroid is called 16 Psyche originally discovered in 1852. Unlike most asteroids which are mainly ice and rock, this one is mostly nickel […]

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